Friday, February 26, 2010

Home . . . Again

I've been busy! Shoveling that is. We are home again. Snowstorm #4. It wasn't a "big" one this time but schools were cancelled anyway. Last weekend we brought home this antique desk for Avery. It looks great in our family room and Avery has a place to hang out, eat her snacks etc. Might make for some nice photography shots when we can get her to sit long enough. On a side note, Avery's place skills are really coming along - could be due to all time spent playing indoors this winter! Her favorite toys to date are: Duplos (legos for toddlers), play kitchen/food, lotto game, dancing & musical instraments, playdoh, and pushing her baby doll around in the stroller. I can't forget arts & crafts: markers, crayons, gluing etc. Happy Snow Day everyone!

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